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Los Lyxor ETFs presentados en la página web de, pueden ser objeto de restricciones en lo que respecta a la inversión por determinadas personas o en determinados países, en virtud de las distintas regulaciones nacionales aplicables a dichas personas o en dichos países. Cualquier persona que acceda a esta página web desde una jurisdicción en la cual se aplican dichas restricciones tiene que informarse al respecto y observar dichas restricciones. Por consiguiente, le corresponde a usted asegurarse de que, efectivamente está autorizado a invertir en los Lyxor ETFs presentados en esta página web. Invirtiendo en estos productos, usted garantiza a Société Générale que está efectivamente autorizado a invertir. Inversores españoles se deben dirigir a

La información contenida en esta página web no constituye una oferta o invitación para adquirir o vender los productos aquí descritos a personas sometidas a  jurisdicciones donde:

(a) dicha oferta o invitación no esté autorizada;
(b) Lyxor Asset Management no esté cualificada para hacer dicha oferta o invitación;
(c)  sea ilícito hacer dicha oferta o invitación.

Los ETFs referidos en esta página web no han estado y no estarán registrados conforme al U.S Securities Act de1933, por lo tanto, no pueden ser ofertados ni vendidos en los EE.UU sin registro previo o solo en caso de excepción de registro conforme al  al Securities Act. Por consiguiente, los ETFs listados en esta página web no pueden ser vendidos a “U.S persons”, ni transferidos a los Estados Unidos a menos que dicha transacción esté sujeta a los requisitos de registro conforme a la ley Americana.

Esta página web es de carácter comercial y no de carácter legal. No se garantiza la exactitud, exhaustividad o pertinencia de la información aunque ha sido establecida a partir de fuentes consideradas como fiables.
La información presentada en esta página web se basa en información de mercado constada en un momento dado que puede variar con posterioridad a su publicación. El valor de reembolso de los Lyxor ETFs puede ser inferior al montante de la inversión inicial. En el peor de los casos, los inversores podrían perder hasta la totalidad de su inversión, por lo que se recomienda a los inversores consultar la sección« factores de riesgo » del folleto del producto. El precio de algunos Lyxor ETFs puede ser sensible a riesgos de tipo de cambio entre la cotización del ETF y/o la divisa del índice y/o la divisa del componente del índice.

Todos los LyxorETFs presentados en esta página web han sido aprobados por la “Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF)” y son objeto de un folleto aprobado por la AMF y pasaporteado en la CNMV conforme a la Directiva 2003/71/CE. Dichos folletos están disponibles en esta página Web.

La documentación relativa a los Lyxor ETFs preverá métodos de ajuste y de sustitución para tener en cuenta que consecuencias tendría cualquier suceso extraordinario que afecte a uno o varios de los subyacentes de estos productos.

Antes de invertir en un Lyxor ETF, usted debe hacer su propia valoración del riesgo desde un punto de vista legal, fiscal y  contable, sin depender exclusivamente de la información que le proporcionamos y consultando, si lo estima necesario, sus propios asesores en la materia o cualquier otro asesor independiente.

El inversor de ETFs estará expuesto a los siguientes factores de riesgo: Riesgo de pérdida del capital invertido, al no existir ninguna garantía, como consecuencia de un movimiento desfavorable del Índice de Referencia, Riesgo de que el objetivo de gestión solo se cumpla parcialmente, Riesgo de contrapartida como resultado de la utilización de los instrumentos financieros (OTC) formalizados con un establecimiento de crédito. Se recomienda a los inversores que consulten la sección del folleto antes de invertir.

En la medida en que cumpla con la legislación aplicable, ninguna entidad del Grupo Société Générale acepta responsabilidad alguna por las consecuencias financieras o de cualquier otra naturaleza que resulten de la inversión en este producto.

11 sep 2017

Is your income portfolio ready to take off?

Yearning for yield

The hunt for yield is the one constant in an ever-changing investment world. Safe haven bonds were once the obvious answer, but they are still some way off being viable income generators, even if some yields have finally scraped themselves off the floor. The big bond yield break out is nowhere to be seen. Investors are being forced into credit or equities, where the rewards, and the risks, are greater.

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Why finding income doesn’t need to be taxing

Active equity income funds are plodding along, but fees are really high. Some star managers may be losing their allure. The same is true in fixed income. There’s little to differentiate managers, processes and performance, so there’s little reason to pay more for their services. Finding that one great manager could make all the difference, but why look for a needle in a haystack when you don’t have to? Choosing a lower cost option doesn’t mean compromising on performance. 

ETFs can give you systematic, dependable and diversified income in more markets than ever before – all for TERs from as low as 0.07%*. They also give you the control you need because they take emotion out of the equation. Nor will they be tempted by fads, fashions or the next big thing - you’ll always know what an ETF is doing with your money.

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Plan your route

So, whether you’re looking for more income today, new ways to protect your existing income or simply to diversify and get away from it all, we believe ETFs can help. Planning your route will take time, but our new tool could give you the information you need on your chosen asset class – whether that be its yield, the direction of travel of that yield, or its volatility. And because it does it in real time, you can check in as often as you want.


Begin your journey

use our tool to plan your route


*Source:  Lyxor ETF, 8 September 2017.


The fund is managed by Lyxor Asset Management UK LLP. This document is issued in the UK by Lyxor Asset Management UK LLP (“Lyxor”) which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

This document constitutes a “Financial Promotion” as such term is defined in the Handbook of the Financial Services Authority (“FSA”). It is aimed solely at institutional investors who would be categorized as “professional clients” and “eligible counterparties”, each as defined in FSA Handbook. This document is not intended to be used by, and must not be shown to, any other category of investor.

We reasonably believe that the information contained herein from third party sources, as quoted, is accurate as at the date of publication. Although such information is from sources believed to be reliable, Lyxor makes no representation or warranty regarding the accuracy of any information contained herein.  The information and any opinions expressed herein may change at any time. This document may include internal portfolio construction guidelines. As guidelines the fund is not required to and may not always be within these limits. These guidelines are subject to change without prior notice and are provided for information purposes only. This document is of a commercial and not of a regulatory nature, though it is designed to comply with the regulatory obligations applicable to Lyxor and to the Fund.

This document is confidential and may not be reproduced, disclosed or disseminated to a third party (with the exception of investor’s external advisors on the condition that they themselves respect such confidentiality) without prior written consent from Lyxor.

The Fund is not suitable for every type of investor. Investors' capital is at risk. Investors should not deal in the Fund unless they understand its nature and the extent of their exposure to risk. The value of the Fund can go down as well as up and can be subject to volatility due to factors such as price changes in the underlying instrument and interest rates.

General selling restrictions: The Fund may be subject to restrictions either with regard to certain persons or in certain countries under national regulations applicable to such persons or in such countries generally. It is each investor’s responsibility to ascertain that it is authorised to invest in or otherwise subscribe for or transact in relation to the Fund. By entering into such investment, subscription or transaction (howsoever described), each investor is deemed to certify to Lyxor that it is duly authorised to do so.

Past performance is not a guide to future performance. Where yields have been quoted they are not guaranteed. Changes in rates of exchange may have an adverse effect on the value, price or income of an underlying instrument(s). Investments in higher yielding bonds and loans issued by borrowers with lower credit ratings may result in a greater risk of default and have a negative impact on income and capital value. Income payments may constitute a return of capital in whole or in part. Income may be achieved by foregoing future capital growth.

This document may include forward looking statements which are based on current opinions, expectations and projections. Lyxor undertakes no obligation to update or revise any forward looking statements. Actual results could differ materially from those anticipated in the forward looking statements. Units in the Fund are not available in any jurisdiction in which the offer or sale would be prohibited; in particular the Fund may not be sold directly or indirectly in the US or to a US person. Subscriptions will only be received and units issued on the basis of the [Fund Prospectus].

Limitation of Liability:  Without prejudice to its legal or regulatory obligations, Lyxor may not be held responsible for any financial or other consequences that may arise from the Fund, and investors are responsible, prior to entering into any transaction with Lyxor, for making their own appraisal and, if they deem it necessary, to seek and obtain professional advice on the risks (including financial, legal and tax risks) and merits of the Fund. Lyxor recommends that investors consult their own independent professional advisors.

No offer to contract: This document does not constitute an offer from Lyxor to purchase or sell units in the Fund. Recipients of this document who intend to subscribe for units in the Fund are reminded that any such application may only be made on the basis of the information contained in the related [“Reference Document”, “Debt Issuance Programme Prospectus” and related “Final Terms”, “Private Placement Memorandum”or document of analogous effect and any amendments or supplements thereto (including the documents incorporated by reference therein), which may be different from the information contained in this document.

Tax:  Any tax statement included in this document is intended only as a general guide. The tax treatment of investments will depend on an investors particular circumstances. If investors are in any doubt as to their tax position, they must consult with an appropriate professional tax adviser. Any statement in relation to the UK tax treatment of the Fund is based on our understanding of the laws and HMRC practice in force as of the date of this document and is subject to any changes in law and the interpretation and application thereof, which changes could be made with retroactive effect.

Risk of volatility:   Until the maturity date of the Fund, the marked-to-market value of the Fund may be subject to significant volatility due to, inter alia, the evolution of the price of the underlying instrument(s) and of relevant interest rates. In certain circumstances, the marked-to-market value of the Fund may be substantially lower than the amount initially invested. As a result, investors are potentially exposed to total loss of their initial investment.

Risks relating to unfavourable market conditions: Fluctuations in the marked-to-market value of the Fund may require the investor to reduce or liquidate in whole or in part its investment in the Fund before its scheduled maturity, whether in order to comply with its contractual or regulatory obligations or for other reasons. As a consequence, the investor may have to liquidate their investment under unfavourable market conditions. This risk will be increased if the Fund includes leverage.

No capital or principal protection:  Where a product is not expressed to benefit from capital or principal protection, its redemption value may be lower than the amount initially invested. In a worst case scenario, investors could sustain the loss of their entire investment.

Counterparty Risk: The Fund is exposed to the risk of bankruptcy, or any other type of default of the counterparty related to any trading transaction entered into by the Fund which, in-line with UCITS regulations, cannot exceed 10% of the Fund’s total assets.



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